Saturday, 8 February 2014

Motacilla cinerea (Grey Wagtail) - Sikkim Bird

Motacilla cinerea (Grey Wagtail)

Venue: Bhasmay,Rorathang  East Sikkim

Date: October 24, 2014
Pic: Shital Pradhan
Motacilla cinerea (Grey Wagtail)

Venue: Sungdung, Rongli,  East Sikkim

Date: January 4, 2014
Pic: Shital Pradhan 

Scientific classification
Kingdom:       Animalia
Phylum:          Chordata
Class:              Aves
Order:             Passeriformes
Family:           Motacillidae
Genus:            Motacilla
Species:           M. cinerea
Binomial name: Motacilla cinerea (Tunstall, 1771)

Other Names:  Grey wagtail

Special feature:  The species looks similar to the yellow wagtail but has the yellow on its underside restricted to the throat and vent. Breeding males have a black throat. This species was first described by Marmaduke Tunstall in his 1771 Ornithologia Britannica. (Source: Wikipedia)

Its tail is noticeably longer than those of pied and yellow wagtails.

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